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skywookiee ([personal profile] skywookiee) wrote2012-01-23 06:37 pm
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Bottoms with Sentate's shoes (retextures)

This set is based on my own wardrobe, and contains two retextures of Pinketamine's skirt mesh, two retextures of LoloPinky_Xx's mesh and one of original Sentate's trousers mesh. All meshes are in the file.

Credit goes to Sentate for original mesh, Pinketamine and LoloPinky_Xx for edits, Io for the skirt and Plumeria of [ profile] ladengrey for corduroy texture.

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[personal profile] eleanore 2012-01-23 10:07 pm (UTC)(link)
These bottoms are really cute! <3

Totally adding these to my game!