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Policy, GoS content list, links to others

Welcome to the Orbital Sims! This is the blog for The Sims custom content and other related things. All the downloads can be found through their tags.

Policy: Credit all sources and keep it 100% free, hosted only on only 100% free sites, please and thank you. You're welcome to ask questions. Please do not troll.

My uploads @ Garden of Shadows:
Nick Sirotich drawings
Nick Sirotich drawings 2
"A Book of Nonsense" wall drawings
Katie Cook's Harry Potter art
Katie Cook's Star Wars art
Fluffy cathats in 13 colours
Keith Lo Bue's digital pictures
Action figure recolours
Science Fiction magazines
Nixy's Empathicalist bar recolours
Thrift shop lot
Photos of metal stuff
Two sets of column recolours
"LastMan": Mel Hunter's Scifi cover art (magazines and posters)
"It Shines Like Destruction": Bruno's eyeshadow recolours
"So It's An Obsession": Bruno's lipstick recolours
"Make Big Noize": Bruno's lipstick recolours
"If We Can Sparkle": Bruno's lipstick recolours
"On The Edge": Basegame Studio Bakonmi seating retextures
"Time Institute": Retro exterior walls
Psychosim's plane statue recolours
Art of Brandi Milne
"Spotlight": Glitter circle makeup
"Spotlight 2": More glitter circle makeup
"Urania" sci-fi magazine cover art
Shiny RetailSims crystal recolours
36 posters on 3 meshes
Bosie's "To Have And To Hold" for teens
"Christmas in July" 2011 present for jaccirocker
Neon plaid hats
"Mister Designer": Art Nouveau necklaces
"Social Bunny's Posse": Luke Chueh's paintings
"We Rock": Records from Ronnie James Dio's discography
GOS Copypasta Special 1: Pooklet's Tweexcore Underground as bottoms
Art of Ursula Vernon and Shag on basegame meshes
Aikea Guinea's velvet and lace tops for FA and FT in Pooklet's unnaturals
Cocomama's Flamenco Pirate with Bosie's textures
Jessy's Saltwater Room with Threadless prints
Ray Bradbury books
lunacress's necklace sets: CAS thumbnails added
GOS Copypasta Special 2: Powerslave's Nurses' Curses tutus
The Sims Livin' Large DeLux wall overlays
Treasure Hunt 2017 (Adele's Super-Chouette poster recolours)
Susan Jablon Mosaic
Imagination: FFS hibiscus print outfits recolour

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